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About us

Noracent GmbH is a pharmaceutical trading company with headquarters in Mettmann and branches in Bremen, Berlin, Ortisei (near Bolzano/IT) and Villejust (near Paris/FR). Our large warehouse locations in Mettmann and Bremen have a licence for wholesale trade in medicinal products according to § 52 a para. 1 AMG. Flexibility in logistics, expert planning and advice on product use, especially for wound and infusion therapy, and an international procurement network make Noracent GmbH an independent trading partner in the healthcare sector.

A network around patient well-being.

We are happy to maintain and mediate contact with relevant health care providers, because quality in the sense of patients can only be achieved together.

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Your trading partner

Pharmaceutical wholesaler with an international network for the procurement and supply of medical devices, pharmaceuticals and other relevant products for medical care.

Your consultant

Industry-neutral counselling and therapy planning, especially for modern wound care and infusion therapy, by qualified homecare professionals and medical device consultants.

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Your logistics specialist

Individual solutions, especially for delivery within the framework of complication care in connection with discharge management, infusion therapy and modern wound care.

Transition – from the clinic to the home.

For follow-up care after a hospital stay, you have the free choice as a patient as to who should provide this service. If you choose us, the hospital will, with your consent, forward all the data relevant to follow-up care to us. Our specialised staff will contact you while you are still in hospital in order to make your discharge and the following medical treatment care as pleasant and smooth as possible for you.

Individual counselling, guidance and support.

Our wound and infusion specialists are experts in their fields. They create an optimal therapy proposal with the products that make the most sense for your individual treatment. As a patient, family member or accompanying caregiver, you will receive appropriate instruction from our specialists in the therapy agreed with your doctor and the correct use of the products to be used. Of course, our registered specialists regularly accompany your therapy with visits and documentation, because maintaining your quality of life is our top priority.


Our contact details.

Noracent Pharma Handels GmbH

Willettstraße 10
40822 Mettmann
Customer Service: 0800 455 4444

Bremen office:

Am Mohrenshof 9
28277 Bremen
Phone: +49 421 40 89 17 50

Noracent Italia S.r.l.

Via J.B Purger 181
39046 Ortisei
Phone: +39 371 325 76 42

Noracent France Sarl

Z.I lÓcéane, 16, rue du Zéphir
91140 Villejust
Tel.: +33 01 83 63 95 51