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Noramed is the Noracent Group’s own brand. Patient care is also always about hygiene and protection. Protection of patients and staff against pathogens such as bacteria and other sources of infection. Noramed GmbH selects the best quality hygiene products (such as nitrile gloves, stretch vinyl gloves, disinfectants for skin and surfaces, absorbent pads etc.) on the market and has them manufactured under the company’s own brand name. This is the only way to make available the best products at affordable prices.

For more information please contact Noracent GmbH
by email or phone +49 2104 95 23 -0

Hygiene & Protection by Noramed

An abstract of the Noramed product portfolio

NeloBac wipes &
NeloBac liquid

The practical solution for bactericidal and virucidal surface disinfection in a professional environment. The active substance in the liquid and in the soaking liquid is ethanol (contains alcohol). The wipes are 100 % recycable and soaked in 500 ml of liquid, making it easy to adhere to the exposure time.

NeloMan liquid

Hand sanitizer based on ethanol (alcohol-based) in the 500 ml dispenser bottle for professional use or always in the pocket with a 100 ml bottle. NeloMan liquid is particularly kind to the skin and has been rated as “excellent” by the German DermaTest Institute.

ThermoCov Probe Cover
for Ear-Thermometers

The probe covers are optimized for the ear thermometers of the ThermoScan PRO series by Braun. When used correctly, the ThermoCov probe covers can protect against cross-contamination and inner ear injuries.


Medical Roll, 100% Cellulose